Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota? Who will have a more successful NFL Career

This year’s 2015 NFL Draft condundrum–Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota?

Winston–Heisman trophy winner. Strong arm. Said to be a good leader on the field. Questionable decision maker on (interceptions) and off the field (alleged sexual assault, crab legs stealer).

Mariota–Heisman trophy winner. Smart. Solid arm and good scrambling ability. Humble leader. Can he translate his talents though from running the Oregon spread system to the NFL?

And that last question on Mariota is why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will select Winston as the No. 1 overall pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft in Chicago. And if you believe the latest rumors, Mariota will follow at No. 2 if the Browns give up two first round picks to Tennessee to move up. A few years from now however, Browns management may be needing to “duck” out-of-town for mortgaging the future on a system QB.

If it came down to selecting on character there is no doubt Mariota would be the pick. I met and interviewed him two years ago at Pac-12 Football Media Day. Not a great interview, but you could tell he was a good kid. Smart yet confidently quiet. The type of guy you would have no problem allowing your daughter to date.  Running a quick passing, limited decision-making, scrambling, spread offensive system he was a winner.  But that was in college.

Unfortunately history dictates spread quarterbacks don’t fare as well at the NFL level. This goes back to some of the first to emerge and become highly drafted spread QB’s such as Andre Ware and David Klingler. Both failed miserably. In recent years the most successful spread QB’s include Cam Newton (Panthers), Colin Kaepernick (49ers) and Alex Smith (Chiefs). You can say they are solid but not QB’s that you would expect to lead their franchises to regular Super Bowl titles. Those that have been underwhelming or failed of late include the likes Robert Griffin III (Redskins), Blaine Gabbert (Niners, formerly Jaguars) and Brandon Weeden (Cowboys, formerly Browns).

Quarterbacks coming from colleges that run more conventional offensive systems clearly have shown greater success over the years. Andrew Luck (Colts), Russell Wison (Seahawks), Matt Ryan (Falcons), Joe Flacco (Ravens), Matthew Stafford (Lions) and Nick Foles (Rams, formerly Eagles) have all outshined their spread counterparts.

So who will have a more successful NFL career? History dictates it will be Winston. If, and it’s a big if, he can stay out of trouble off the field.  He is the best trained to become a franchise quarterback. Doesn’t mean Mariota won’t have success–just means he has a steeper uphill climb.

If it was up to me, I would choose neither. Too many questions for both to put the future of one’s franchise upon their shoulders.

2013 NFL Draft Guarantee: Jets Fans Will Melt Down

It happens every year. The NFL commissioner announces the New York Jets are on the clock. Everyone begins to speculate what the Jets will do this year. Fans are excited yet worried and skeptical on who they will pick. The commish goes to the mic and says, “With the ___ pick the New Jets select…” and the fans melt down. As a Jets fan myself I do the same. It’s our natural reaction. Even if it appears to be a good pick we still are cynical assuming that once he puts that Jets green jersey on he will be a bust and disappointment. That’s just how things are as a Jets fan.

If you want to read more on the tortures of being a Jets fan feel free to ready my KSL Sports column. Enjoy the draft everyone. You know I won’t!

NFL Draft 2013: Ziggy Ansah Could Alter The First Round

According to NFL Network insider Albert Breer, BYU’s Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah apparently is in high demand for Thursday’s 2013 NFL Draft:

The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly listening to offers which means Ansah could change the face of the first round depending on what team moves up. The Detroit Lions did not work Ansah out individually but the staff did coach him in the Senior Bowl in which he was named the games most outstanding player.

Ansah could be a good fit for that defense that features strong interior defensive linemen in defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley but is lacking a good edge rusher. The questions is whether the Lions organization, notoriously a downtrodden one, can be patient enough to allow Ansah to grow and whether he can handle the criticism that may come from an impatient fanbase.

Hot Woman Who Made Offer To Mr. Irrelevant Is Ready To Pay Up

So the attractive woman who offered up herself to Mr. Irrelevant, the last player selected in the NFL Draft, in this YouTube video is apparently ready to go through with her promise. Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish was the 253rd and last pick in this weekend’s draft by the Indianapolis Colts. According to this report she is 27 year old comedian/actress Brianne Berkson. While I found the first video she did entertaining the second one scares me in that “Fatal Attraction” sort of way. So if she isn’t acting and actually serious–run away Harnish, run like the wind and hope your pet bunny doesn’t end up in a boiling pot of water!

Heck Of A Weekend For Utah State Football

The Utah State football program had quite the weekend. They wrap up a successful spring campaign featuring a high powered offense with two good quarterbacks in a battle for the starting spot. The Aggies also debuted sharp, clean, multiple Nike uniforms featuring a new logo. Reports say they will be moving to a bigger and better league, the Mountain West Conference, in 2013. And perhaps the best news was that three players were taken in the NFL Draft. The Seattle Seahawks took linebacker Bobby Wagner in the second round and running back Robert Turbin in the fourth round. Running back Michael Smith was then selected in the seventh round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Wagner even got a Deadspin post dedicated to him for apparently revealing he was in the bathroom when he was drafted. It’s the first time three Aggies were drafted since 1984 and had more players picked this year than instate rivals Utah (1) and BYU (0).

It’s clear Gary Andersen’s program has the momentum and is on the upswing. All the stories above, particularly having players drafted, are all huge benefits particularly when it comes to recruiting.

Sports Mashup’s Top 5 Posts Of The Week

As always it was an interesting and busy week in sports. The NBA season winded down, the NHL playoffs were in full swing, news broke that we will finally get a college football playoff and of course the greatest male soap opera took place–the NFL Draft. With all that said Sports Mashup’s Top 5 posts featured a hot girl’s indecent proposal, Jim Nantz in a jacuzzi, an unbelievable locker room, a kid crying and girls in bikini’s on skates. It’s pretty clear all of you are definitely into the hard hitting impactful stories!

1. A hot woman making an indecent proposal to whoever is Mr. Irrelevant in this year’s NFL Draft.






2. Jim Nantz interview John Stockton and other players in a hot tub.






3. Oregon quarterback gives tour to their unbelievable locker room.






4. Kid cries after couple snatches a foul ball.






5. Welcome to the Bikini Hockey League.

NFL Draft First Round Observations

Random observations as I watched the first round of the NFL Draft from a local sports bar in Phoenix:

1. Was I the only one that thought NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was just a tad too excited for every kid who was drafted? Could you see NBA Commissioner David Stern doing the hand slap like the video above with a 22 year old that just got picked? Memo to Goodell–instead of bear hugging and practically kissing every player a hand shake would do just fine.

2. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are sure fire stars. The biggest question is how quickly decent players can be assembled around them.

3. As a New York Jets fan I highly approved of the Miami Dolphins selecting Ryan Tannenhill. There is no way he’ll be the next Dan Marino. He’s more likely to end up as the next John Beck.

4. Watched the draft with a Redskins and Chiefs fan. The Washington fan was obviously pleased with his pick. The KC fan lost it when they selected defensive tackle Dontarie Poe from Memphis. As he pointed out he wasn’t even a first team Conference USA player. He was one of those guys who improved his stock at the combine. Typically those players never live up to expectations. I would put more stock in how they actually play on the field over the combine any day.

5. Larry Fitzgerald is clearly running the Arizona Cardinals war room. He had recommended the team draft Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd and shockingly enough they did. Definitely a good player. The problem is they have an unproven quarterback who can’t stay healthy in Kevin Kolb and an offensive line that is awful. Two elements that you really need to have for the wide receivers to actually get balls thrown their way.

6. I liked the Jets pick of defensive end Quinton Coples. They desperately need some pass rushers for Rex Ryan’s pressure oriented defense. People question is work ethic and commitment to the game but if anyone can shake that out of him it would be Ryan.

7. Watching a 28 year old quarterback get drafted in the first round just makes me laugh. Good for Brandon Weeden except he now will have to live in Cleveland.

8. Loved how fast the draft seemed to move even with all the trades. While I am still not used to having it in primetime (still prefer the old weekend schedule) I do believe it makes the teams make quicker decisions.

9. Still hard to get used to living in a sports town like Phoenix when most people are originally from someplace else. In a packed sports bar I counted three Cardinals fans. At quick glance there was more Eagles, Bears, Cowboys and Steelers fans. While strange it was also cool to see fans from basically every NFL team represented.

10. For the first time in my life I watched the draft on the NFL Network as opposed to ESPN and I actually enjoyed it. I did miss Mel Kiper (shocking I know) but Mike Mayock does a really good job as well. The biggest positive though was that it was Chris Berman free. I can’t tell you how nice it was to not have to listen to him scream and fumble and bumble around his words.

NFL Draft Is Here And A Parody Song: Getting Drafted And I Know It

For many fans (including me) the NFL Draft is the best day of the year. It’s a day of hope that the player our team will pick will finally lead us to the promised land–the Super Bowl. Who am I kidding. As a Jets fan it’s another day among many where I get to scream at the TV along with the other legions of green and white supporters when the Jets pick a player that will eventually turn into a bust. Well at least it provides us a football fix in April. Above is a NFL Draft parody song to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” called “Getting Drafted and I Know It.” Below is a painful reminder of my Jets picks over the years.