NFL Top 5 Bottom 5 — Week 2

It’s the return of the NFL Top 5 Bottom 5. After two weeks it’s pretty clear there are two teams above the rest. And while both may stumble here and there during the season, if they can avoid major injuries, I wouldn’t be surprised if these two meet in the Super Bowl in San Francisco.

And as always we pay tribute to those heroes that give their all on the sidelines jumping and shaking those pom pom’s. The NFL cheerleaders of course!

TOP 5:
1. New England Patriots (2-0): The defending Super Bowl Champs show Rex Ryan that his Bills are far from ready to knock them off their perch at the top of the AFC East.

2. Green Bay Packers (2-0): The Packers are getting hit with injuries but as long as Aaron Rodgers remains healthy the Packers appear to be the best team in the NFC.

3. Arizona Cardinals (2-0): The defense is good. The offense has been solid as well. But the big question always looms…can Carson Palmer stay healthy?

4. Denver Broncos (2-0): The Donkey’s have scrapped their way to 2-0 despite the fact it takes 10 minutes for a ball to float from Peyton Manning to his receivers.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (2-0): Andy Dalton is playing well–for now.

Bottom 5:
1. Chicago Bears (0-2): Da Bears da bad.

2. New Orleans Saints (0-2): Team is struggling again and it doesn’t help Drew Brees shoulder is ailing.

3. New York Giants (0-2): G-men can’t close blowing two fourth quarter leads.

4. Detroit Lions (0-2): Lie-downs lose first two on the road. Returning home could help but easily could start 0-3 hosting the Broncos.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (0-2): Never thought the Iggles would be here but their poor early play definitely puts them on the list.

NFL Top 5 Bottom 5–Week 5

This week’s Gunther and Graham NFL Top Five Bottom Five stays relatively stable for once:

1. TEXANS (Last Week-1): Texans have the No. 1 scoring offense and defense. A pretty good combination.
2. FALCONS (2): Falcons hold off Panthers. Need to better protect Matt Ryan who was sacked seven times.
3. NINERS (3): Return to form humiliating the Jets.
4. RAVENS (4): Baltimore winning with a passing offense ranked 4th and a passing defense ranked 29th. Interesting twist.
5. CARDINALS (5): With a strong defense and special teams Arizona continues to get it done.

Dropped Out: None

1. BROWNS (1): Expect another loss Sunday as they take on the Giants.
2. COLTS (2): Young team now without it’s coach due leukemia.
3. JAGUARS (5): Not going to win many games when your offense only averages 15.5 points per game.
4. SAINTS (4): When you’re defense is giving up over 32 points per game you’re not going to win.
5. RAIDERS (NR): After being embarrassed by Denver it’s probably a good time to be on bye.

Dropped Out: Dolphins

Gregg Williams: “Kill The Head And The Body Will Die”

(WARNING: Strong Profanity in Video) “Kill the head and the body will die.” Just one of several quotes from a speech given by former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to his players in a meeting the night before a playoff game this past season against the San Francisco 49ers. After the NFL hears this Williams, who has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL for his role in the bounty scandal, most likely will never coach in the league again. And the timing couldn’t be worse for Saints coach Sean Payton whose appeal is to be heard Thursday. I’m sure similar speeches have been given by coaches just as the bounty program has been going on for years but you never want to have it be taped. Enjoy your post-football life coach.

Sean Payton Plays Bongos With Jimmy Buffett

As New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton awaits to go through his appeal with the NFL over his year long suspension for bounty gate he appears to be enjoying his time off. In Sunday’s Jimmy Buffett concert in New Orleans Payton appeared and played the bongos for a song. Buffett also sported a “Free Sean Payton” T-shirt. Pretty sure Payton will be going “bongos” after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell most likely upholds his ruling.