LeBron James Cramping Is The Way Of Today’s Superstar

LeBron James is the new age superstar. More talent than maybe anybody that has ever played in the NBA or in all of sports for that matter. Who can do things that seem magical. Who can lead his franchise to multiple championships. Yet one who can also cramp up in big moments costing his team an NBA Finals victory.

Some say this just makes him human. How do we know how much pain he was suffering from with those cramps that forced him to leave Thursday night’s 2014 NBA Finals Game 1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the fourth quarter? Some justify that heat and humidity is LeBron’s kryptonite since he suffered the same issue in Game 4 of the 2012 Finals versus Oklahoma City.

Considering this has been an issue for James in the past with the modern training and medical methods he has at his disposal today, it’s really hard to believe he couldn’t have conducted the necesary preventative measures to keep this from happening again. And don’t tell me the broken air conditioning inside the Spurs arena is to blame. Seems to me the other players persevered. Hard to think LeBron hasn’t play outdoor hoops in the summer heat before.

Call me old school but I can’t see past superstars letting cramps prevent them from performing in the clutch moments in a World Championship game. I was in Salt Lake City covering the 1998 NBA Finals witnessing first hand Michael Jordan, sick as a dog with food poisoning, leading the Chicago Bulls over the Utah Jazz with the game winning shot to give him his sixth NBA title.

James is not Jordan. He is today’s superstar–unbelievable talent and ability, yet lacking the mental makeup to persevere through physical discomfort for the betterment of his team. And with all that said, he still has a strong chance of hoisting another championship trophy. Well, that’s of course if the Spurs are able to fix their AC.

NBA Finals Miami Heat Rally Songs

We presented the San Antonio Spurs rally songs and now we present a couple Miami Heat tunes and videos produced by fans as the 2014 NBA Finals get under way.

The first one isn’t so bad, a rap called “3 Peat”:

This one by far is the worst but my favorite. How can it not be when the video features a puppet with a cigar and gold plated teeth:

NBA Finals San Antonio Spurs Rally Songs

As the 2014 NBA Finals get underway, so does the fan bases of the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat as they create their various songs and anthems. Some are decent–others not so much. Below we give you a couple of songs and videos from fans of the San Antonio Spurs.

The first is a rap that comes from King Wolf called “Put in work.” Not great, not terrible:

The first song had some coolness to it, this one not so much featuring classic lines like “Go Spurs, go go! Get up, stand up and defend the Alamo!” Don’t worry they do provide the words at least for you to sing along:

Miami Heat Fans Leave Game 6 Early And Are Not Allowed Back Into The Arena

Let me ask a simple question–When you go to a movie do you leave before it’s over? So why then do sports fans continually leave a game early? And most importantly, why the hell would you leave an NBA Finals game before the final horn sounds? I guess we can’t be too shocked that it was those all so loyal Miami Heat fans who left. Then when they realized the game was tied up they tried to get back in and fortunately they were denied.

Now if the the Heat go on to win Game 7 Thursday it will be well deserved for LeBron James and his team. However, it won’t be for their idiotic and bandwagon fans.

Utah Jazz Biggest Draft Need May Surprise You

By Ben Anderson:

The NBA draft is roughly six weeks away, and the Utah Jazz organization needs help, and they need help everywhere. As of today, there are zero point guards on the roster. There are two shooting guards, assuming the Jazz decide to allow Kevin Murphy to sit on the bench next year, one and a half small forwards, a corner piece in Gordon Hayward, and a piece the Jazz would love to have opt out of the final year of his contract in Marvin Williams. There is one power forward in Derrick Favors, and there is a powerless forward in Jeremy Evans, springy as he may be. The Jazz also have one center, a goofy albeit uber-talented Turkish fellow named Enes Kanter.

That is seven players ready to suit up for the Utah Jazz next season, barely more than half of the NBA minimum requirement for a roster, not enough to build a true rotation. As the draft approaches, the question I get most from Jazz fans is this–what position do the Jazz need to fill most? Looking at the roster, the easy answer is all of them. They need a starting point guard, they may still need a starting shooting guard, and center if Burks and Kanter can’t offer the Jazz full time minutes, and truthfully they need backups at both the small, and power forward position. Again, that is the easy answer, the real answer is this.

The Jazz need to draft a leader.

Since the acquisition of Gordon Hayward in 2010, the popular assumption is that Hayward, when given full time minutes would naturally assume the leadership role. After all, he led a cinderella Butler Bulldogs team to the NCAA Championship game as a sophomore; he’s well spoken, cordial and gifted. He’s a willing team player, and he’s a nice guy. Bad news Jazz fans, Hayward might be too nice. Before this latest season, I asked Gordon Hayward if he was ready to take over the role as the vocal leader of this team, this is what he told me.

“Overall I’m not extremely vocal as a person,” said Hayward. “You know I’m more of a leader by example, and uhm… you know, I think a lot of us younger guys are that way. Uh, so we have some good vocal leaders as veterans anyways and so, uhm… when the times comes and I need to say something I will, but a lot of times like I said I’ll just lead by example.” Not extremely vocal as a person? A lot of us younger guys are that way? We have some good vocal leaders as veterans anyways? Not exactly inspiring words from the Jazz young star.

The truth of the matter is this, NBA locker rooms are full of ego’s, and if Gordon Hayward doesn’t step up and take the leadership role, someone else will, and Jazz fans better hope it’s the right guy. From the sound of it, Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, and Alec Burks don’t seem poised to take over the role of the vocal leader either. This should be a huge concern for Jazz fans. The belief that the coach should be the voice of the team is a novel one, but there is a reason the coach isn’t assigned a jersey number at the start of the season–he never checks into the game. The Jazz need a player who not only expects the most out of himself, but expects the most out of his teammates as well, and isn’t afraid to let them know when he didn’t see it, every time he suits up.

Deron Williams was a jerk. He called out Andrei Kirilenko for making vacation plans before the end of the season. He told the media he’d refuse to pass the ball to Kirilenko because he’d seen Matt Harpring shoot more jump shots in practice. He threw the ball at Gordon Hayward for failing to run a play correctly in-game. It’s something Gordon Hayward will never forget, it’s something he shouldn’t ever forget. Sometimes being a leader means putting your own reputation on the line when your team fails, sometimes leading by example means you’re afraid your vocal leadership will fail.

The Jazz need a player who believes he knows not only what is best for himself, but what is best for his team. When David Stern says the Jazz are on the clock to make their first pick in the NBA draft, this organization needs to hope the player whose name they call, won’t then be afraid to call them out in return.

Denver Nuggets 113 Utah Jazz 96: Danilo Gallinari With An Italian Celebration

By Ben Anderson:

The Denver Nuggets are a prime example of the modern NBA. They have a few extraordinary athletes (JaVale McGee, Andre Igoudala, Kenneth Faried), they have tall shooters (Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler), they have dedicated role players (Kosta Koufos, Corey Brewer), and one ultra-savvy veteran who can control the pace, and make the right play each and every possession (Andre Miller). Mix those guys together, and subtract Ty Lawson, arguably their best player, and you have a team capable of rolling into Salt Lake City with confidence, and running out of town with a 17 point trouncing over the Utah Jazz.

The only similarity between the Nuggets and the Jazz is that at one point not long ago, they were two franchises trying to rebuild after trading away a disgruntled superstar. For the Jazz, it’s a daunting shroud they find themselves still saddled with, while battling for the last seed in the Western Conference Playoffs. The Nuggets looked poised for an appearance in the Western Conference Finals, assuming either the San Antonio Spurs or Oklahoma City Thunder can slow them down once they get there.

Three years ago the Jazz defeated Denver in a six game series to end the Nuggets playoff run on the floor of Energy Solutions arena. Last night, the Nuggets may have returned the favor, with six games remaining in the regular season.

Jeremy Evans Of The Utah Jazz Spectacular Dunk Versus The Portland Trail Blazers

Every time he enters the game a highlight is made. Monday night former dunk champion Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz was at the three-point line when Jamaal Tinsley threw the ball up for an alley oop. The three point line! He grabbed it in midair and slammed it home. With the 112-102 win over Portland the Jazz have won five straight for the first time this season. However, I think there is more excitement for dunks like this than a mythical playoff run for the eighth spot in the playoffs.

Video: Enes Kanter Of The Utah Jazz Separates Shoulder

In the second quarter of Wednesday nights victory Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter fought and then dove for a ball with Phoenix Suns big man Hamed Haddadi. Kanter came out on the losing end when he separated his left shoulder. It’s one of those cringing injuries that will most likely keep him out for awhile. The positive is the continued toughness and hustle Kanter displays and the fact after the game he was in good spirits willing to do whatever it takes to get back as soon as possible. He’s also excited for the amount of texts he got from his lady friends who want to take care of him. Classic!