CONCACAF Final: RSL vs. Monterrey…Win RSL, Do It for America!

I’m not a fan of soccer. In fact I don’t like many of the fans who are. You know, the soccer snobs that dress up in scarves when it’s 100 degrees out and try to act European demeaning us “simpletons” that supposedly don’t get their “beautiful game”. So as you can tell I have spent a good chunk of my life ridiculing it. However, I have found myself watching the World Cup when our national team plays. I realized I can stomach the game when played at the highest level. I also realized that we stink regularly losing to third world countries.

With all that said there is a chance tonight where we as a country can get some respect at the game we didn’t invent. I am rooting for Real Salt Lake because they are representing the United States of America. A win or a tie (after last week’s 2-2 tie, a draw tonight by a 0-0 or 1-1 score nets the win hence they can win by not really winning!) propels them into a place no American soccer team has gone, the FIFA Club World Cup. It would be the first MLS, American, team to do so. We are clearly the underdog but that’s when we as a country are at our best. Remember the Revolutionary War!? It’s our time RSL, win (or tie only by a 0-0 or 1-1 score though!) and let us as a country feel good about our soccer selves for once. Who’s with me?!? Thank you and God Bless America.