2014 Stanley Cup Final Trailer: New York Rangers Vs. Los Angeles Kings

Excitement, suspense, intensity–you name it. Expect all that and a lot more as the Stanley Cup Final gets under way between the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings. Even if you’re not a hockey fan if you tune in you’ll get hooked as this Stanley Cup Final trailer gets you ready.

Mormon Missionaries Surprise And Dominate On The Basketball Playground

Two LDS Mormon missionaries recently showed up at a playground to play basketball against some unsuspecting opponents. After purposely missing a few shots they then put on a clinic with a couple huge dunks. Not sure if this is real but if so it’s pretty impressive to say the least!

Western Michigan Football Coaches Walk On Fire And Glass

I have to admit I like the fact that college football coaches and programs are embracing social media creating their own content, videos etc. However the Western Michigan football coaches may have taken things a tad too far. They created a video in which coaches were walking on glass and hot coals. As a Central Michigan graduate, with Western as our arch rival, it doesn’t surprise me. They aren’t the brightest bulbs in Kalamazoo. Another reason why we proud Chippewas call them “Wastern Michigan!”

Utah Athletic Director Chris Hill Announces Rivalry With BYU Will Be Back

University of Utah Athletic Director Chris Hill took to YouTube Tuesday to explain that an official announcement will be coming soon regarding the return of the football rivalry with BYU after the final game that is currently scheduled in 2016. After this year’s game the series will inexplicably take a two year hiatus. According to Hill, Utah and BYU will play in September in 2017 and then will be the last game of the year in 2018 pending Pac-12 approval.

Obviously this is good news. Just too bad Hill couldn’t have figured out how to make it work for 2014 and 2015.

Miami Heat Fans Leave Game 6 Early And Are Not Allowed Back Into The Arena

Let me ask a simple question–When you go to a movie do you leave before it’s over? So why then do sports fans continually leave a game early? And most importantly, why the hell would you leave an NBA Finals game before the final horn sounds? I guess we can’t be too shocked that it was those all so loyal Miami Heat fans who left. Then when they realized the game was tied up they tried to get back in and fortunately they were denied.

Now if the the Heat go on to win Game 7 Thursday it will be well deserved for LeBron James and his team. However, it won’t be for their idiotic and bandwagon fans.

Video: Chad Johnson Slaps Attorney’s Rear End And Gets 30 Days In Jail

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson, formerly “Ochocinco” had his freedom. He struck a plea deal that would have kept him out of jail after violating his probation in a domestic violence case involving his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. But then he decided to slap the butt of his attorney as a “attaboy” moment prompting laughter in the court room. The judge however, Kathleen McHugh, didn’t find it amusing. She rejected the plea deal and sent Johnson away to jail for 30 days. While it was pretty funny, Johnson might want to be a little more careful when he chooses to express his humor. Clearly the courtroom isn’t the place.

Sergio Garcia’s Meltdown To Music

First he decides to trash talk the world’s best golfer Tiger Woods–multiple times. That’s all and good as long as you can back it up. Well Sergio Garcia failed miserably in that regard at this past weekend’s Players Championship. At the 17th hold Garcia not only put one, but two shots in the water that cost him the tournament. Then for good measure he put his drive on the 18th hole in the drink as well. Yep, another choke job by Garcia while Woods goes on to win his fourth tournament of the year. To honor Garcia here is a video of his meltdown to funny music because that always makes it better!

Umpires Embarrass MLB With Blown Home Run Call

Leave it to Major League Baseball umpires to screw up a call even when they have instant replay. It’s long been known that umpires are the most egotistical of all officials in sports (although NBA referees are challenging for that distinction). Wednesday night was the ultimate in idiocy when umpire Angel Hernandez ruled the home run by the Oakland A’s Adam Rosales with two outs in the 9th inning was a double when it clearly was obviously via replays it was a home run. Hernandez claimed there was not enough clear proof to overturn the original call. And oh by the way–the Cleveland Indians won 4-3. Of course MLB officials have said it was a mistake but it’s just a tad too late. Just another embarrassing moment for what used to be America’s pastime.

Watch Syracuse Utah Pitcher Make A Great Face Saving Catch

It’s not just in the major’s where pitchers are at danger to taking line drives off their heads. The same also can happen at the lower levels of baseball including high school. Syracuse Utah high school pitcher Jordan Cobabe avoided what could have been a very nasty line drive shot to the head with a great face-saving catch. Quite the quick reflexes to say the least.

(H/T Jeremiah Jensen KSL-TV, Sale Lake City)

Watch J.A. Happ Of The Toronto Blue Jays Take A Line Drive Off His Head

A very scary moment Tuesday night when Toronto Blue Jays pitcher J.A. Happ took a line drive off his head from the bat of the Tampa Bay Rays Desmond Jennings. Fortunately Happ was released from a Florida hospital Wednesday morning. This has led to further speculation that baseball should allow pitchers to wear protective headgear. As players continue to get bigger and stronger this may not be such a bad idea. MLB officials however says nothing is imminent at this point.