Miami Heat Fans Leave Game 6 Early And Are Not Allowed Back Into The Arena

Let me ask a simple question–When you go to a movie do you leave before it’s over? So why then do sports fans continually leave a game early? And most importantly, why the hell would you leave an NBA Finals game before the final horn sounds? I guess we can’t be too shocked that it was those all so loyal Miami Heat fans who left. Then when they realized the game was tied up they tried to get back in and fortunately they were denied.

Now if the the Heat go on to win Game 7 Thursday it will be well deserved for LeBron James and his team. However, it won’t be for their idiotic and bandwagon fans.

New York Jets Cheerleaders 2014 Calendar Shoot Is Under Way

For those of you that read this site regularly or listen to the radio show I co-host on 1320 KFAN in Salt Lake City you know I’m a lifelong tormented New York Jets fan. Like most Jets fans I am very cynical and this upcoming season may be the worst yet. Heck, just Friday running back Mike Goodson was arrested for drug and gun charges! So with all that said, I would like to recognize the Jets for at least doing something right for a change–putting together their annual 2014 Swimsuit calendar with their cheerleaders, The Flight Crew. At least in the photo above they spelled the teams name correctly unlike the bozo’s below! Also scroll down for other photos from the Cayman Islands.

Putting the Pac-12 Football Programs In Tiers

On Tuesday’s edition of the radio show I cohost, Gunther and Graham on 1320 KFAN in Salt Lake City, we talked with San Jose Mercury News Pac-12 columnist Jon Wilner. During that interview he mentioned that Washington was in the second tier of the Pac-12 and that Steve Sarkisian needs to take the program up into the first tier to keep his job long term. That sparked an idea to create and place the Pac-12 programs in tiers.

In all I created four tiers and listed all the Pac-12 football programs appropriately:

TIER 1: (National Championship contenders; regular appearances in the top 10)

-Oregon: The Ducks clearly are considered an elite program with nine winning seasons and three Pac-12 titles in the past 10 years including an appearance in the BCS Championship game.

-Stanford: The Cardinal has become a regular top 10 program doing it the old school way.

-USC: Despite last year’s disappointing season the Trojans have six Pac-12 titles in the last 10 years and is still regularly considered the leagues most talented program.

TIER 2: (Pac-12 league title contenders)

-UCLA: This is a school that clearly gets talent but hasn’t seemed to have the coach to corral it all with great results on the field. With Jim Mora it appears they have finally found their guy.

-Oregon State: After a couple down years Mike Riley has the Beavers back on the upswing.

-Washington: After leading the Huskies to three straight winning seasons Sarkisian is under pressure to take the program to the first tier.

TIER 3: (Middle of the pack, average teams in the Pac-12)

-Arizona State: Another program that is considered to have talent but has posted just five winning seasons in the last 10 years. Year one was good to Todd Graham. Curious to see if he can sustain it.

-Arizona: Wildcat fans are putting their faith in Rich Rodriguez to get this program into a higher tier and the hope to one day win a Rose Bowl.

-California: Under Jeff Tedford, the Golden Bears posted eight winning seasons including one Pac-12 championship in the last 10 seasons. Definitely enough to warrant at least a Tier 2 designation. Problem is Tedford is gone and now the program begins to rebuild under Sonny Dykes.

TIER 4: (Schools with limited hope to contend in the Pac-12 in the near future)

-Utah: After going 7-5 in year one of a down conference, the Utes went backwards in year two and have yet to post a signature league win (have failed to even post a victory over a Pac-12 team with a winning record). Add in that they will finally have to play Oregon and Stanford after being left off the schedule the first two seasons it will take time for the Utes to move into a higher tier.

-Washington State: With only one season with a winning record in the past 10, I’m not sure even Mike Leach can get this program to respectability.

-Colorado: Entering their third season the Buffaloes are already on their second head coach. Like Utah, it will take time to build.

Utah Jazz Biggest Draft Need May Surprise You

By Ben Anderson:

The NBA draft is roughly six weeks away, and the Utah Jazz organization needs help, and they need help everywhere. As of today, there are zero point guards on the roster. There are two shooting guards, assuming the Jazz decide to allow Kevin Murphy to sit on the bench next year, one and a half small forwards, a corner piece in Gordon Hayward, and a piece the Jazz would love to have opt out of the final year of his contract in Marvin Williams. There is one power forward in Derrick Favors, and there is a powerless forward in Jeremy Evans, springy as he may be. The Jazz also have one center, a goofy albeit uber-talented Turkish fellow named Enes Kanter.

That is seven players ready to suit up for the Utah Jazz next season, barely more than half of the NBA minimum requirement for a roster, not enough to build a true rotation. As the draft approaches, the question I get most from Jazz fans is this–what position do the Jazz need to fill most? Looking at the roster, the easy answer is all of them. They need a starting point guard, they may still need a starting shooting guard, and center if Burks and Kanter can’t offer the Jazz full time minutes, and truthfully they need backups at both the small, and power forward position. Again, that is the easy answer, the real answer is this.

The Jazz need to draft a leader.

Since the acquisition of Gordon Hayward in 2010, the popular assumption is that Hayward, when given full time minutes would naturally assume the leadership role. After all, he led a cinderella Butler Bulldogs team to the NCAA Championship game as a sophomore; he’s well spoken, cordial and gifted. He’s a willing team player, and he’s a nice guy. Bad news Jazz fans, Hayward might be too nice. Before this latest season, I asked Gordon Hayward if he was ready to take over the role as the vocal leader of this team, this is what he told me.

“Overall I’m not extremely vocal as a person,” said Hayward. “You know I’m more of a leader by example, and uhm… you know, I think a lot of us younger guys are that way. Uh, so we have some good vocal leaders as veterans anyways and so, uhm… when the times comes and I need to say something I will, but a lot of times like I said I’ll just lead by example.” Not extremely vocal as a person? A lot of us younger guys are that way? We have some good vocal leaders as veterans anyways? Not exactly inspiring words from the Jazz young star.

The truth of the matter is this, NBA locker rooms are full of ego’s, and if Gordon Hayward doesn’t step up and take the leadership role, someone else will, and Jazz fans better hope it’s the right guy. From the sound of it, Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, and Alec Burks don’t seem poised to take over the role of the vocal leader either. This should be a huge concern for Jazz fans. The belief that the coach should be the voice of the team is a novel one, but there is a reason the coach isn’t assigned a jersey number at the start of the season–he never checks into the game. The Jazz need a player who not only expects the most out of himself, but expects the most out of his teammates as well, and isn’t afraid to let them know when he didn’t see it, every time he suits up.

Deron Williams was a jerk. He called out Andrei Kirilenko for making vacation plans before the end of the season. He told the media he’d refuse to pass the ball to Kirilenko because he’d seen Matt Harpring shoot more jump shots in practice. He threw the ball at Gordon Hayward for failing to run a play correctly in-game. It’s something Gordon Hayward will never forget, it’s something he shouldn’t ever forget. Sometimes being a leader means putting your own reputation on the line when your team fails, sometimes leading by example means you’re afraid your vocal leadership will fail.

The Jazz need a player who believes he knows not only what is best for himself, but what is best for his team. When David Stern says the Jazz are on the clock to make their first pick in the NBA draft, this organization needs to hope the player whose name they call, won’t then be afraid to call them out in return.

Sergio Garcia’s Meltdown To Music

First he decides to trash talk the world’s best golfer Tiger Woods–multiple times. That’s all and good as long as you can back it up. Well Sergio Garcia failed miserably in that regard at this past weekend’s Players Championship. At the 17th hold Garcia not only put one, but two shots in the water that cost him the tournament. Then for good measure he put his drive on the 18th hole in the drink as well. Yep, another choke job by Garcia while Woods goes on to win his fourth tournament of the year. To honor Garcia here is a video of his meltdown to funny music because that always makes it better!

Manti Teo’s Fake Girlfriend Makes Maxim’s Hot 100

This year’s Maxim Hot 100 features a woman that doesn’t even exist. Well for everyone except Manti Te’o! Maxim included Te’o’s fake girlfriend No. 69 in this year’s list. Have to give them credit for their creativity. Meanwhile, I can’t give them credit for putting Miley Cyrus No. 1. Hannah Montana? Really?!

Umpires Embarrass MLB With Blown Home Run Call

Leave it to Major League Baseball umpires to screw up a call even when they have instant replay. It’s long been known that umpires are the most egotistical of all officials in sports (although NBA referees are challenging for that distinction). Wednesday night was the ultimate in idiocy when umpire Angel Hernandez ruled the home run by the Oakland A’s Adam Rosales with two outs in the 9th inning was a double when it clearly was obviously via replays it was a home run. Hernandez claimed there was not enough clear proof to overturn the original call. And oh by the way–the Cleveland Indians won 4-3. Of course MLB officials have said it was a mistake but it’s just a tad too late. Just another embarrassing moment for what used to be America’s pastime.

Arizona Wildcats Debut New Football Uniforms

Another day, another college football team debuting new uniforms for the upcoming season. This time it’s the Arizona Wildcats. As is the case for most they’re sharp. It also appears they have seven different combinations. At the rate that schools are going they might as well have a different uniform for every game. The always popular uniform video is below:

Buy A Ziggy Ansah Detroit Lions Jersey Get A Free Pair Of 3D Glasses

“Ziggy Mania” is underway in Detroit–all over his 3D glasses. The Detroit Lions are enticing fans with free “Ziggy glasses” when they buy the jersey of BYU defensive end Ziggy Ansah. Ansah wore 3D glasses at the NFL Draft when he was selected with the fifth overall pick by the Lions. Last week IMAX Theaters offered him free movies for a year. Who would have thought the mild mannered Ziggy would already be a marketing machine?! I can see a fashion trend blowing up in Provo!