Matt Kemp And Khole Kardashian: Is There A Kardashian Curse?

Sep 27, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp (27) scores a run in the sixth inning of the game against the Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium. Dodgers won 11-0. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Kim Kardashian burst onto the pop culture scene you can’t turn on the news without one of the Kardashian girls making some kind of news and usually for the wrong reasons.

The Kardashians are obviously skilled at prying their way into America’s living rooms but also have a skill for dating professional athletes.

Unfortunately history has shown dating a Kardashian can be detrimental to a pro-athletes career.

The latest rumor involves Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp and Khole Kardashian. It is rumored that Matt Kemp was the reason for Khole Kardashain’s recent martial issues. Those rumors are said to be false and Kemp’s involvement is that of a supportive friend. But in light of the relationship and Kemp coming off his second consecutive sub par season it makes you wonder if Beastmode’s lack of numbers have anything to do with the relationship.

If that is the case, Kemp’s would have been the third career nearly ruined a Kardasian sister.

Reggie Bush famously dated Kim Kardashian in the early years of his NFL career.  The result was five injury riddled season with the New Orleans Saints.  During that span Bush was also the subject of an NCAA investigation that stripped him of his Heisman Trophy and USC of a national championship.

It wasn’t until Reggie Bush went to Miami and away for Kim that he finally got his career back on track.  His two years in Miami as the featured back has led to a career resurgence. His performance for the Dolphins ultimately landed him a free agent contract with the upstart Detroit Lions and spot on top of the NFL leaderboard,

Lamar Odom was known as one of the NBA premiere big men until he met Khole Kardashian.  Over the last couple years of his relationship with  Kardashian, Lamar Odoms career has taken a nose dive.  Odom consistently scored between 880 and 1000 points a season over the last couple of seasons, Odom’s production dropped to 332 points in 2011 and 33o points in 2012. The former Clipper became a free agent after last season and has yet to play a game in the NBA this season.

So now with Matt Kemp’s rumored relationship with Khole Kardashian is the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder the next professional athlete to fall victim to the Kardashian curse? Kemp probably won’t be the last but it makes you wonder how many careers have to be ruined before pro athletes just stay away from the reality TV stars.

Sergio Garcia’s Meltdown To Music

First he decides to trash talk the world’s best golfer Tiger Woods–multiple times. That’s all and good as long as you can back it up. Well Sergio Garcia failed miserably in that regard at this past weekend’s Players Championship. At the 17th hold Garcia not only put one, but two shots in the water that cost him the tournament. Then for good measure he put his drive on the 18th hole in the drink as well. Yep, another choke job by Garcia while Woods goes on to win his fourth tournament of the year. To honor Garcia here is a video of his meltdown to funny music because that always makes it better!

Watch Syracuse Utah Pitcher Make A Great Face Saving Catch

It’s not just in the major’s where pitchers are at danger to taking line drives off their heads. The same also can happen at the lower levels of baseball including high school. Syracuse Utah high school pitcher Jordan Cobabe avoided what could have been a very nasty line drive shot to the head with a great face-saving catch. Quite the quick reflexes to say the least.

(H/T Jeremiah Jensen KSL-TV, Sale Lake City)

San Jose Sharks Hockey Announcers Make Fun of Vancouver Canucks Green Men

During Wednesday night’s game one of the NHL Western Conference Playoffs between San Jose and Vancouver the Sharks broadcast team had some fun at the expense of the Canucks “green men.” When they showed up on the screen Drew Remenda and Randy Hahn began to ridicule the two fans wearing the full body green tights calling them “40 year old virgins.” I find that funny and most likely true! San Jose won the game 3-1.

Golf Boys Are Back With New Song And Video “2.Oh”

After a two year layoff the Golf Boys have returned with a new song and video called “2.Oh”. The group featured professional golfers Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan. Their debut was nearly two years ago called “Oh, Oh, Oh.” I think this one is much better. Still love seeing some golfers not take themselves so seriously.

Lindsey Vonn Crashes At World Championships And Is Airlifted Off The Mountain

Lindsey Vonn had a scary serious crash in the Super-G at the World Championships in Austria. She was airlifted off the mountain and reportedly suffered ACL and MCL tears to her right knee. Devastating injury but could have been much worse. This once again reinforces how dangerous downhill skiing can be.

Video of Vonn being airlifted off the mountain:

Rory McIlroy Signs With Nike And Stars In A Commercial With Tiger Woods

Rory McIlroy is now essentially teammates with Tiger Woods as he signed a $200 million endorsement deal with Nike. The two are already paired up in a Nike commercial that brings back the theme of when Michael Jordan and Larry Bird appeared together endorsing McDonald’s. The commercial is funny but the signing tells me that Nike needed McIlroy as Woods golf game and popularity has slipped since his cheating scandal.

USA Olympic Team Wins Gold And Doug Collins Drops The “B” Word

The USA Men’s Basketball Team did what everyone expected and that’s win the gold medal by beating Spain Sunday 107-100. While I’m as patriotic as the next person something about watching multimillionaire’s that are already the best in the world at what they do dancing around (see LeBron dancing below) celebrating just doesn’t seem genuine to me. Meanwhile Philadelphia 76ers coach and NBC Olympic basketball analyst Doug Collins dropped the “B” word after the game saying, “Gold or bust, b*tch!”

The $60 Million High School Football Stadium In Texas

As we know they always go big in Texas. The stadium above doesn’t belong to a college. It’s a $60 million stadium for a high school team. That’s right, Allen High School in Texas built a $60 million stadium that holds 18,000 people. And the crazy thing it was funded by taxpayers who voted to pay for it. I love football more than any other sport but man their priorities down there are just a little out of whack!

Shocking News: Michael Phelps Is Dating A Model

I know this is surprising (obviously not) but the all-time greatest Olympic athlete is dating a model. Michael Phelps has been seen around London with model Megan Rossee. The two have apparently been dating for five months. Once again it’s tough to be a highly successful athlete.