BYU and Houston Wearing Patriotic Helmets In Honor of 9/11 Game Thursday

When BYU and Houston meet up this Thursday night on ESPN both will be sporting a patriotic look in honor and remembrance of 9/11. A fitting tribute as a reminder of those impacted and gave their lives 13 years ago and those in the armed forces serving for us across the world.


Mormon Missionaries Surprise And Dominate On The Basketball Playground

Two LDS Mormon missionaries recently showed up at a playground to play basketball against some unsuspecting opponents. After purposely missing a few shots they then put on a clinic with a couple huge dunks. Not sure if this is real but if so it’s pretty impressive to say the least!

Utah Athletic Director Chris Hill Announces Rivalry With BYU Will Be Back

University of Utah Athletic Director Chris Hill took to YouTube Tuesday to explain that an official announcement will be coming soon regarding the return of the football rivalry with BYU after the final game that is currently scheduled in 2016. After this year’s game the series will inexplicably take a two year hiatus. According to Hill, Utah and BYU will play in September in 2017 and then will be the last game of the year in 2018 pending Pac-12 approval.

Obviously this is good news. Just too bad Hill couldn’t have figured out how to make it work for 2014 and 2015.

BYU Football Coach Bronco Mendenhall Gets Face Painted

BYU Football coach Bronco Mendenhall continues to show more of his human side. First he decided to embrace social media opening up his own twitter account. He also has been more available to the media this off season and now he’s getting face painted. Mendenhall got face paint at BYU’s Fan Fest in Sandy, Utah Wednesday.

Personally, I like the new friendlier Mendenhall. It actually shows he has a personality as opposed to being so robotic as many have accused him to be over the years. While I commend him I also believe it’s orchestrated considering the heat he receive from the disappointment of last season. In the end though, it will take more than face paint to win back the bitter fans that hold him responsible for the offensive struggles last season and the loyalty he showed to a clearly injured quarterback in Riley Nelson.

Buy A Ziggy Ansah Detroit Lions Jersey Get A Free Pair Of 3D Glasses

“Ziggy Mania” is underway in Detroit–all over his 3D glasses. The Detroit Lions are enticing fans with free “Ziggy glasses” when they buy the jersey of BYU defensive end Ziggy Ansah. Ansah wore 3D glasses at the NFL Draft when he was selected with the fifth overall pick by the Lions. Last week IMAX Theaters offered him free movies for a year. Who would have thought the mild mannered Ziggy would already be a marketing machine?! I can see a fashion trend blowing up in Provo!

The Ziggy Ansah Story

BYU defensive end/linebacker Ziggy Ansah continues to be the talk of the draft with ESPN profiling him for a 15 minute segment during SportsCenter Thursday in addition to profiling on Sport Science. In addition BYU put together a good video telling the “Ziggy” story at BYU. Still amazing to think that a guy who has played football for just two years can be drafted as high as the Top five or even three.

Also my latest Sports column is on who would you draft between Ansah and Utah Utes defensive tackle Star Lotulelei. Whatever the case it will be the first time in the state’s history two players will be picked in the top 15 of the NFL draft.

Video: BYU Offensive Coordinator Robert Anae’s Awkward Post Practice Interview

In his second stint as BYU offensive coordinator and assistant head coach Robert Anae clearly is trying to be more media friendly. He’s being made available to Utah media every Monday during spring ball. In his latest session he seemed just a tad paranoid at times questioning the media’s questions. It turned into a very awkward back and forth. If Anae want’s to be the next BYU head coach he definitely still needs to work on his public relation skills.

Here is my extended sports column on how Anae needs to become more media savvy.

Practice video courtesy of Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune.

BYU Senior Craig Cusick Hits Game Winner Hours After His Father Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Just hours before BYU senior walk-on Craig Cusick was to start against Utah State Tuesday night he found out his father Randy had been diagnosed with cancer. He went out and understandably struggled. But with 0.2 seconds left he was in the right place, at the right time, rebounding a miss to deliver the game winning put-back. He celebrated and hopefully for a brief moment his father lying in a hospital bed was able to do the same.

Was BYU Listening In To Our Interview With Assistant Coach Nick Howell?

On Gunther and Graham today on 1320 KFAN we were able to talk with BYU secondary and special teams coach Nick Howell about the Cougars recruiting class. We really enjoyed the interview as Howell gave us a good perspective on the class and the program. While conducting the interview we noticed some noise in the background which is not uncommon since it was over the phone. However what was curious is we started to hear coughing. Again, thought it maybe came from Howell. But when we heard it while Howell was talking we started to think someone was listening in to the conversation.

I’ve been doing radio for 20 years and I can honestly say I have never (or at least to my knowledge) have conducted an on-air phone interview when someone else was listening in on the line. But in all honesty knowing how BYU conducts its business I’m not surprised. I have no problem or issues with BYU. I actually feel I have a good relationship with them, particularly their media relations department, and look forward to continuing to do so. I guess I only ask going forward–if they’re going to monitor how we interview their coaches or athletes at least mute the phone so we and our listeners don’t hear coughing in the background! Or better yet just tune in to the radio or listen online.

You can listen below and please let me know if we were just hearing things.