NBA Finals Miami Heat Rally Songs

We presented the San Antonio Spurs rally songs and now we present a couple Miami Heat tunes and videos produced by fans as the 2014 NBA Finals get under way.

The first one isn’t so bad, a rap called “3 Peat”:

This one by far is the worst but my favorite. How can it not be when the video features a puppet with a cigar and gold plated teeth:

NBA Finals San Antonio Spurs Rally Songs

As the 2014 NBA Finals get underway, so does the fan bases of the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat as they create their various songs and anthems. Some are decent–others not so much. Below we give you a couple of songs and videos from fans of the San Antonio Spurs.

The first is a rap that comes from King Wolf called “Put in work.” Not great, not terrible:

The first song had some coolness to it, this one not so much featuring classic lines like “Go Spurs, go go! Get up, stand up and defend the Alamo!” Don’t worry they do provide the words at least for you to sing along:

2014 Stanley Cup Final Trailer: New York Rangers Vs. Los Angeles Kings

Excitement, suspense, intensity–you name it. Expect all that and a lot more as the Stanley Cup Final gets under way between the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings. Even if you’re not a hockey fan if you tune in you’ll get hooked as this Stanley Cup Final trailer gets you ready.

World Cup Gets More Love On ESPN Than The Stanley Cup Finals

As we get closer and closer to the start of the World Cup, the ESPN PR machine is in full promotion mode. Try to watch the Worldwide Leader for 30 minutes without seeing some sort of soccer story. Of course this is because ESPN has the rights.

Meanwhile the NHL Stanley Cup Finals are under way but good luck seeing any extended coverage of what some believe is the most exciting postseason in sports. Of course ESPN does not own the rights to the NHL.

This leads to the ongoing media debate of the role and power of ESPN. Are they a sports news operation? A promotion machine? Is it both and how should the two be balanced and do they conflict?

In this day and age it all cross pollinates. For most sports media companies, whether it’s television or radio for that matter, there is an obligation of coverage to the sport or team the entity paid to gain their rights. ESPN dished out $100 million for the English-language rights to the 2010 and 2014 World Cup’s. That’s a large sum of cash so like any business ESPN wants to capitalize on their investment. That means features, stories and opinion woven throughout their sports “news” programs with the hopes that it will drive more people to watch the matches. ESPN I’m sure will also argue that there is a higher demand for the World Cup than the NHL.

Whether you agree with that assessment or not ESPN has the power to make that decision due the dominant position they own in the sports media landscape. They have been the pioneers of blurring the lines between sports journalism and promotion in pushing their “sports” agenda. And we as sports fans just have to accept that and clearly we have considering ESPN has yet to have a true viable competitor.

And for those of us that would rather see coverage of the Stanley Cup Finals over the World Cup on ESPN, you’ll be happy to know that Fox Sports spent around $425 million to get the English-speaking rights to the 2018 and 2022 tournaments. Maybe by then ESPN will have regained the rights of the NHL and the coverage tables will be turned.

Hat tip to Ben Criddle on twitter for the picture that pretty much sums up one of the many differences between the two sports.

Mormon Missionaries Surprise And Dominate On The Basketball Playground

Two LDS Mormon missionaries recently showed up at a playground to play basketball against some unsuspecting opponents. After purposely missing a few shots they then put on a clinic with a couple huge dunks. Not sure if this is real but if so it’s pretty impressive to say the least!

2013 Utah State Football: Three Fall Camp Storylines

After posting one of their best seasons in program history, the Utah State Aggies enter the 2013 campaign with 18 returning starters but also with a new coach entering a new conference. Here are three fall camp storylines:

1. New head coach: Matt Wells goes from offensive coordinator to replacing the popular Gary Andersen who left for Wisconsin. The positive is that Wells is clearly familiar with the program and the personnel. The concern is adjusting to the pressures on and off the field as being the head coach and living up to filling the shoes of Andersen. In addition how will the players respond to new coordinators and coaches such as Kevin McGiven (OC/QB coach), Luke Wells (Co-OC/TE coach), Todd Orlando (DC) and Mark Weber (Assistant head coach/OL coach). All indications point that the transition is going smoothly. A win over Utah in the opener would do wonders to convince the fan base all will be well.

2. Finding playmakers: As long as quarterback Chuckie Keeton stays healthy big plays shouldn’t be a problem. But definitely some receivers need to emerge after losing top producers Matt Austin and Chuck Jacobs along with tight end Kellen Barlett. In addition can Joe Hill continue the run of Aggie 1,000 yard rushers following in the footsteps of Robert Turbin and Kerwynn Williams. With all five offensive linemen remaining intact from a year ago chances of that happening are good.

3. The secondary: Anytime you lose a cornerback that was taken in the third round of the NFL draft replacing that player is difficult. In addition to Willie Davis departing, the Aggies also must fill the shoes of free safety McKade Brady. Having corner Nevin Lawson back will definitely help matters.

Western Michigan Football Coaches Walk On Fire And Glass

I have to admit I like the fact that college football coaches and programs are embracing social media creating their own content, videos etc. However the Western Michigan football coaches may have taken things a tad too far. They created a video in which coaches were walking on glass and hot coals. As a Central Michigan graduate, with Western as our arch rival, it doesn’t surprise me. They aren’t the brightest bulbs in Kalamazoo. Another reason why we proud Chippewas call them “Wastern Michigan!”

Utah Athletic Director Chris Hill Announces Rivalry With BYU Will Be Back

University of Utah Athletic Director Chris Hill took to YouTube Tuesday to explain that an official announcement will be coming soon regarding the return of the football rivalry with BYU after the final game that is currently scheduled in 2016. After this year’s game the series will inexplicably take a two year hiatus. According to Hill, Utah and BYU will play in September in 2017 and then will be the last game of the year in 2018 pending Pac-12 approval.

Obviously this is good news. Just too bad Hill couldn’t have figured out how to make it work for 2014 and 2015.

Miami Heat Fans Leave Game 6 Early And Are Not Allowed Back Into The Arena

Let me ask a simple question–When you go to a movie do you leave before it’s over? So why then do sports fans continually leave a game early? And most importantly, why the hell would you leave an NBA Finals game before the final horn sounds? I guess we can’t be too shocked that it was those all so loyal Miami Heat fans who left. Then when they realized the game was tied up they tried to get back in and fortunately they were denied.

Now if the the Heat go on to win Game 7 Thursday it will be well deserved for LeBron James and his team. However, it won’t be for their idiotic and bandwagon fans.

Video: Chad Johnson Slaps Attorney’s Rear End And Gets 30 Days In Jail

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson, formerly “Ochocinco” had his freedom. He struck a plea deal that would have kept him out of jail after violating his probation in a domestic violence case involving his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. But then he decided to slap the butt of his attorney as a “attaboy” moment prompting laughter in the court room. The judge however, Kathleen McHugh, didn’t find it amusing. She rejected the plea deal and sent Johnson away to jail for 30 days. While it was pretty funny, Johnson might want to be a little more careful when he chooses to express his humor. Clearly the courtroom isn’t the place.