LeBron James Cramping Is The Way Of Today’s Superstar

LeBron James is the new age superstar. More talent than maybe anybody that has ever played in the NBA or in all of sports for that matter. Who can do things that seem magical. Who can lead his franchise to multiple championships. Yet one who can also cramp up in big moments costing his team an NBA Finals victory.

Some say this just makes him human. How do we know how much pain he was suffering from with those cramps that forced him to leave Thursday night’s 2014 NBA Finals Game 1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the fourth quarter? Some justify that heat and humidity is LeBron’s kryptonite since he suffered the same issue in Game 4 of the 2012 Finals versus Oklahoma City.

Considering this has been an issue for James in the past with the modern training and medical methods he has at his disposal today, it’s really hard to believe he couldn’t have conducted the necesary preventative measures to keep this from happening again. And don’t tell me the broken air conditioning inside the Spurs arena is to blame. Seems to me the other players persevered. Hard to think LeBron hasn’t play outdoor hoops in the summer heat before.

Call me old school but I can’t see past superstars letting cramps prevent them from performing in the clutch moments in a World Championship game. I was in Salt Lake City covering the 1998 NBA Finals witnessing first hand Michael Jordan, sick as a dog with food poisoning, leading the Chicago Bulls over the Utah Jazz with the game winning shot to give him his sixth NBA title.

James is not Jordan. He is today’s superstar–unbelievable talent and ability, yet lacking the mental makeup to persevere through physical discomfort for the betterment of his team. And with all that said, he still has a strong chance of hoisting another championship trophy. Well, that’s of course if the Spurs are able to fix their AC.

Kevin Graham

Author: Kevin Graham

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