Was BYU Listening In To Our Interview With Assistant Coach Nick Howell?

On Gunther and Graham today on 1320 KFAN we were able to talk with BYU secondary and special teams coach Nick Howell about the Cougars recruiting class. We really enjoyed the interview as Howell gave us a good perspective on the class and the program. While conducting the interview we noticed some noise in the background which is not uncommon since it was over the phone. However what was curious is we started to hear coughing. Again, thought it maybe came from Howell. But when we heard it while Howell was talking we started to think someone was listening in to the conversation.

I’ve been doing radio for 20 years and I can honestly say I have never (or at least to my knowledge) have conducted an on-air phone interview when someone else was listening in on the line. But in all honesty knowing how BYU conducts its business I’m not surprised. I have no problem or issues with BYU. I actually feel I have a good relationship with them, particularly their media relations department, and look forward to continuing to do so. I guess I only ask going forward–if they’re going to monitor how we interview their coaches or athletes at least mute the phone so we and our listeners don’t hear coughing in the background! Or better yet just tune in to the radio or listen online.

You can listen below and please let me know if we were just hearing things.

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