Top 5 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

Everybody has different criteria and tastes when it comes to viewing Super Bowl commercials. My criteria is pretty simple–when I woke up this morning which five did I remember from my hazy Super Bowl Sunday. Here you go:

1. Paul Harvey Dodge Ram truck commercial: Maybe since I’m a career radio guy and remember hearing Harvey commentaries growing up but this commercial made the most impact. Almost reminded me of the good old days of radio when it was important enough that legends were made.

2. Tide Montanaland: Just hilarious and I’m sure many of us could relate that our wives would do the same thing!

3. Go Daddy’s Kiss: Rated as the worst commercial which usually is the case every Super Bowl with Go Daddy but it definitely was memorable. And according to Go Daddy founder Bob Parson’s it obviously worked.

4. NFL Network Leon Sandcastle: Entertaining featuring one of the NFL’s most dynamic personalities.

5. Budweiser Brotherhood ad: Clydesdale, loyalty, Budweiser–a Super Bowl tradition.

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