Utah Jazz Have The Most Lottery Picks Under The Age Of 25 Yet They All Come Off The Bench

Interesting article by Mike Sorensen Wednesday in the Deseret News where he points out that the Utah Jazz have the most lottery picks under the age of 25 and 22 for that matter in the NBA. The premise is that teams with high lottery picks are usually the ones that contend for championships. I wonder however if that will happen for the Jazz considering their lottery picks, well, don’t start or play significant minutes.

Here is the breakdown:
Gordon Hayward: Age 22; 44 games; 10 starts; 26.6 minutes per game
Derrick Favors Age 21; 40 games; 2 starts; 21.8 minutes
Alec Burks: Age 21; 29 games; 0 starts; 13.3 minutes
Enes Kanter: Age 20; 43 games; 1 start; 14.7 minutes

It’s a positive the Jazz have so many highly drafted younger talent but if they are not consistently getting playing time how can they ever fulfill their potential? One positive out of the Jazz 45 point loss to Houston at home Monday night is that maybe it will wake up management that they need to make a trade to clear out room for the younger players or at least make them think it’s time to build for the future. If that means missing the playoffs so be it. The long term upside of the lottery talent on this team is too much to risk by not giving them the experience.

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