A Utah Jazz Christmas List For Santa

By Ben Anderson:

Dear Santa,

Jazz fan here, thanks for reading my letter. I’ve been a good fan this year, honest, I have. I haven’t complained about our coach’s rotations this season, though sometimes it seems like we’re just pulling names from a hat. I haven’t jumped off the bandwagon despite the early struggles from our young players, I see Enes Kanter’s has spent more time cleaning his plate at the Cheesecake Factory than he has cleaning the defensive glass. Heck, I haven’t even mentioned Alec Burks minutes this year… didn’t we draft him just last year? I believe I’ve earned a spot on your Nice list Santa, so in return, I’m requesting a few things of you. They may seem outlandish, but reason with me here. I think we can come to an agreement.

If you really want to make this a magical Christmas, you’ll put John Wall in my stocking. I know the former #1 overall pick is a bit injury prone, and yes, he’d make me wish we had Devin Harris’ three point shot back, but we’ve always been a point guard driven franchise, and John Wall is a franchise wing. What can we give you to make this deal easier to swallow for the Wizards? How about Al Jefferson, a go to scorer, someone who can provide some sort of offensive guidance to your team, and at worst, he’s a 15 million dollar expiring contract. I’ll throw in Alec Burks, place him beside Bradley Beal in the Wizards backcourt and you have a couple of young up-and-comers to build your franchise around. What else can we offer? How about two first round picks this season, ours is likely to be in the mid-teens, and we’ll send you Golden State’s top seven protected pick. Mark Jackson’s and the Warriors can’t tank two draft picks away from the Jazz, can they? Still not enough for the Wizards I know, so here is the tinsel on the tree, we’ll eat the last two years of Emeka Okafor’s contractual albatross. The 28 million dollars you owe him through 2014 doesn’t bode well for a team that has only one win on the year, we’ll take him off your hands. So Santa if you’d please, Jazz fans would love to see John Wall in Salt Lake, even if it meant Emeka Okafor was right behind him.

Can’t fit John Wall in your sleigh, Santa? That’s okay, I’ve got a contingency plan. Do you have any Danny Granger’s in your workshop you could send our way? Yes, he’s yet to play a game this season, and I can see his numbers have been on the decline for a few years, but he can score from the perimeter, and he’s been on our radar since the 2005 NBA Draft. I know we brought in Marvin Williams to man the small forward position, but he hasn’t been the #2 overall pick we were hoping he’d be, he’s still just Marvin Williams. What can we give Indiana in return for Granger, how about Alec Burks and Paul Millsap? There is no guarantee David West resigns with the Pacers next season, so owning Paul Millsap’s bird rights could give Indiana their power forward for the future. Burks gives them another athlete and scorer to pair with Paul George, he’s been tremendous this year by the way. And Santa, the Jazz still have those draft picks I mentioned earlier, I’d be happy to part with either if it mean Danny Granger found his way under our Christmas tree this season.

Granger still too much to ask for? Now I’m asking for role players Santa, the tinker toys of the NBA. I know you can give me Marcin Gortat and Kendall Marshall from the Phoenix Suns. Gortat is falling out of favor with the Suns, and I don’t think they want to pay him 14 million dollars over the next 2 seasons. He’d give the Jazz the length they’ve missed down low to defend the paint, and a perfect companion for Derrick Favors. I know Marshall was a lottery pick this past draft, but he has only played 34 minutes on the season and only in clean up time. I like Jamaal Tinsley and Earl Watson, but both are far past their prime and a young point guard to fill in back up minutes might be just what the doctor ordered. Phoenix recently sent Marshall to the Bakersfield Jam of the NBDL, they’re hoping he can get valuable minutes with the other misfit toys. We’d be happy to take him off your hands. For the Suns, I’m willing to offer Paul Millsap in return. The Suns have shown interest in Millsap in the past, and he’s an excellent option to replace soon to be benched Michael Beasley, his shooting this year wreaks of sour Egg Nog.

That’s all I’m asking for this year Santa, that is my Christmas wish list. Any of these presents would make for a brighter 2013. Though rereading my list, I forgot to mention one little thing, a ring, and I don’t mean on the phone. So Santa, if you would, hurry down the Jazz chimney tonight.

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