LA Clippers 105-104 Utah Jazz: Chauncey Billups Flops But That Is Not Why The Jazz Lost The Game

By Ben Anderson:

Derrick Favors, how quickly can you come back to the Utah Jazz? The Los Angeles Clippers certainly noticed the Jazz thin frontcourt, and in the fourth quarter, Chris Paul exploited it. When the Clippers needed a basket, Chris Paul drew Al Jefferson to top of the key on a high pick and roll, quickly turned the corner and put in two easy lay ups, and an even easier lob to Blake Griffin who put on an offensive clinic against Paul Millsap and the Jazz reserves.

While Millsap’s night may have looked good statistically, (13 points, 8 rebounds) he was the main target of the Clippers offensive attack, and attack they did. In the first six minutes of the 4th quarter, the previously invisible Lamar Odom recorded five points and four rebounds against Millsap, and allowed the Clippers to make inroads on 10-point Jazz lead to start the final period.

Until the Jazz learn to rotate in the paint defensively, Jazz fans can continue to expect to see brilliant offensive performances like this one lay to waste. After all, despite a masterful performance from Chris Paul offensively, it was DeAndre Jordan’s help side block on Al Jefferson with 26 seconds remaining that sealed the victory for the Clippers. The Jazz could stand to take a page out of the Clippers book, you don’t have to always play great, but a little defense will win you a lot of games.

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