1320 KFAN Staff 2012-2013 Utah Jazz And NBA Season Predictions

Here are the 1320 KFAN’s Utah Jazz and NBA predictions for the 2012-2013 season:

October 25, 2012; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; The Utah Jazz starters huddle prior to a game against the Portland Trail Blazers at EnergySolutions Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

How many wins will the Jazz have this season and why?

-Kevin Graham: I see the Jazz winning around 45 games this season which should be good enough for the sixth or seventh seed. They definitely added talent but they still can’t compete with the league’s elite. The biggest storyline is how Tyrone Corbin will distribute the minutes and will the team trade one of their front line players by the trade deadline.

-Kyle Gunther: The Jazz will win 45 games this year because of their incredible depth and their ability to finally score from the wing.

-OC: The Jazz will win 51 games this year. The Jazz are deep, which allows for success through the long grind of a regular season.

-Will Smith: 45 wins, Mo Williams will finally give the team a leader that it has needed since Karl and John left.

-Dave Gore: 48 Wins… The team will improve and be better than they were last year, but mostly everyone else in the West in front of them from last year, is still better and improved on their team as well. I see them moving up a spot or two, to the six or seven seed.

-Ben Anderson: Jazz get to 49 wins this season, partly due to increase in overall talent and depth, partly because the West is in a state of unrest. Dallas, OKC, Phoenix, and Portland have all regressed, while the Lakers are the only team who clearly improved. This should allow the Jazz to pick up a few wins that weren’t available last year.

-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: 52. Marvin Williams is a huge upgrade over 34, Mo Williams is better than Devin Harris and Al Jefferson is in a contract year.

Which Jazz player will have a breakout season?

-Kevin Graham: I’m assuming Enes Kanter will be the popular pick per his breakout preseason but since he will have to share minutes with the several bigs on the roster I’m going with Marvin Williams. As teams collapse to defend the post Williams should get plenty of opportunities to bury shots from the perimeter.

-Kyle Gunther: Pale Force Winds-Gordy Hayward. He’s finally put down the video games and ready to break out in his third year. He’s bulked up and he’s gonna continue to get to the hoop and dunk with violence.

-OC: The easy answer is Enes Kanter, because the big Turk put in a serious amount of work over the offseason and has the body -but more importantly the confidence- to prove it. He may only get 15 minutes a game, but they will be a productive 15 mins.

-Will Smith: Enes Kanter

-Dave Gore: Derrick Favors

-Ben Anderson: Enes Kanter

-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson:: Marvin Williams

Who will be the Jazz MVP?

-Kevin Graham: Mo Williams. He provided the ability to distribute as well as add the necessary leadership skills this team has needed on the floor.

-Kyle Gunther: Mo Williams because he will bring an offensive threat to the point guard position for the first time since D-Will.

-OC: Gordon Hayward. Like Enes, he worked hard in the offseason, but he has 2 years of quality development under his belt to go along with it. His boyish appearance makes him a bit of a shock to teams around the league, look for him to get more points at and around the hoop.

-Will Smith: Mo Williams

-Dave Gore: Mo Williams

-Ben Anderson: Marvin Williams

-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Mo Williams

Will the Jazz make a trade before the trade deadline and if so who will they trade?

-Kevin Graham: They have to if they want to get anything in return. I think Al Jefferson should be the one that goes but I foresee Paul Millsap getting traded due to his more friendly contract.

-Kyle Gunther: They will trade Big Al for a washing machine and a bag of fun size Snickers.

-OC: Yes. At least they will try to. Nobody is going to take a 15-million-dollar non-defender in Al Jefferson, but the Jazz will clear the path of ascendance for Favors by trading Millsap for a couple of clear backup big men.

-Will Smith: They Should. Paul Millsap. They need to free up space at the forward position.

-Dave Gore: No. It’s not the Jazz’ M.O. to do so and I think they won’t again this season.

-Ben Anderson: Jazz will make a trade, though it will be minor. Don’t see anyone in the front court moving, Watson or Tinsley are main candidates, and easy to move.

-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: I don’t think they’ll make a move.

Which team will win the 2013 NBA Finals?
-Kevin Graham: Miami Heat
-Kyle Gunther: Miami Heat. What do I know though–I only correctly picked the Finals and NBA champs before the 2011 season.
-OC: The Heat, Lebron sold his soul and his hairline to the Devil.
-Will Smith: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Dave Gore: Miami Heat
-Ben Anderson: Los Angeles Lakers
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Oklahoma City Thunder

Which team will win the Eastern Conference?
-Kevin Graham: Miami Heat
-Kyle Gunther: Miami Heat
-OC: Miami Heat
-Will Smith: Miami Heat
-Dave Gore: Miami Heat
-Ben Anderson: Miami Heat
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Miami Heat

Which team will win the Western Conference?
-Kevin Graham: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Kyle Gunther: Los Angeles Lakers
-OC: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Will Smith: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Dave Gore: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Ben Anderson: Los Angeles Lakers
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Oklahoma City Thunder

Which team will win the Atlantic Division?
-Kevin Graham: Boston Celtics
-Kyle Gunther: Boston Celtics
-OC: Boston Celtics
-Will Smith: Philadelphia 76ers
-Dave Gore: Boston Celtics
-Ben Anderson: New Jersey Nets
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Boston Celtics

Which team will win the Central Division?
-Kevin Graham: Chicago Bulls
-Kyle Gunther: Chicago Bulls
-OC: Chicago Bulls
-Will Smith: Indiana Pacers
-Dave Gore: Indiana Pacers
-Ben Anderson: Indiana Pacers
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Chicago

Which team will win the Southeast Division?
-Kevin Graham: Miami Heat
-Kyle Gunther: Miami Heat
-OC: Miami Heat
-Will Smith: Miami Heat
-Dave Gore: Miami Heat
-Ben Anderson: Miami Heat
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Miami Heat

Which team will win the Southwest Division?
-Kevin Graham: San Antonio Spurs
-Kyle Gunther: San Antonio Spurs
-OC: San Antonio Spurs
-Will Smith: San Antonio Spurs
-Dave Gore: San Antonio Spurs
-Ben Anderson: San Antonio Spurs
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: San Antonio Spurs

Which team will win the Northwest Division?
-Kevin Graham: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Kyle Gunther: Oklahoma City Thunder
-OC: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Will Smith: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Dave Gore: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Ben Anderson: Oklahoma City Thunder
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Utah Jazz

Which team will win the Pacific Division?
-Kevin Graham: Los Angeles Lakers
-Kyle Gunther: Los Angeles Lakers
-OC: Los Angeles Clipppers
-Will Smith: Los Angeles Lakers
-Dave Gore: Los Angeles Lakers
-Ben Anderson: Los Angeles Lakers
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Los Angeles Lakers

Who will win the 2012-13 MVP?
-Kevin Graham: LeBron James
-Kyle Gunther: LeBron James
-OC: LeBron James
-Will Smith: Kevin Durant
-Dave Gore: Kevin Durant
-Ben Anderson: Kevin Durant
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Kevin Durant

If you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player in the NBA, who would it be?
-Kevin Graham: LeBron James
-Kyle Gunther: Enes Kanter or K-Fes.
-OC: Kevin Durant
-Will Smith: Kevin Durant
-Dave Gore: Kevin Durant
-Ben Anderson: LeBron James
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Kevin Durant

Who is the best head coach in the NBA?
-Kevin Graham: Gregg Popovich
-Kyle Gunther: Tom Thibodeau
-OC: Gregg Popovich
-Will Smith: Gregg Popovich
-Dave Gore: Gregg Popovich
-Ben Anderson: Gregg Popovich
-Ben “Napoleon” Wilson: Gregg Popovich

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