BYU 41 Georgia Tech 14: Three Thoughts On The Cougars Win

Three thoughts on the BYU Cougars 41-14 victory over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

1. The BYU defense was absolutely dominant. When you hold the No. 3 rushing offense 223 yards under their average and 341 yards under their total you can’t ask for much a better performance. Ziggy Ansah and Kyle Van Noy were flat out disruptors. And once again Bronco Mendenhall showed that he owns the option. It makes sense since he preaches disciplined defensive football.

2. Welcome to the Jamaal Williams era. This 17 year old is a flat out baller. He has everything you want in a running back. He has power, elusiveness and speed. The only question is why it took so long for the coaching staff to see this in him? And when Michael Alisa comes back next season will Williams become a backup again? Obviously not but with the questionable decisions this coaching staff has made recently I guess you can’t rule it out.

3. Riley Nelson played like, well, Riley Nelson. He wasn’t great throwing a pick-6 but he was efficient. The game plan was simple and most importantly he just had the one turnover. In the end that’s what you want out of the senior. Knowing he can’t win the big game you just don’t want him to lose it.

Overall a good road win but before you celebrate too much realize Georgia Tech is not very good.

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  • LouisD

    I am not seeing more talented teams out there. I am seeing more talented quarterbacks.
    1. If Oregon States Cody Vaz had been available to BYU, the Cougars would be 8-0.
    2. If Jake Heaps hadn’t been chased off the field by Nelson’s back stabbing laziness comments while Heap’s family at home in Washington was in crisis in the summer of 11, BYU would be 8-0.
    3. If James Lark had been playing and throwing the way he did on ONE PLAY YESTERDAY in any game Riley started, BYU would be 8-0.
    4. If Coach Weber’s O-Line had blocked as well in games 1-7 as it did in the last 2 BYU would be 8-0.

    BYU doesn’t have a talent problem. It has a decision maker problem. BYU’s quarterback and some of its coaching staff can’t seem to make the right decision at critical times. THAT can be corrected.