Mo Williams Of The Utah Jazz Talks About Winning Without A Star

Utah Jazz point guard Mo Williams joined Gunther and Graham on 1320 KFAN Wednesday to discuss the upcoming season. One of the questions he was asked was whether the team can win without a “so-called” superstar.

“Absolutely, absolutely.” said Williams. “We got a team full of good players. And with that being said, that’s what we’re preaching. We gotta do it together. We can’t do it individually. And that’s when will be really really good and we’ll take the next step. If we get into an individual state of mind and want to do it by ourselves and want to go out and get 30 or 40 points every night I think we’ll have problems. I don’t think we have a player on our team that is consistent enough to do that each and every night. I think collectively though I think we can do it.”

The only team in the last 10 years that has won a title without a star was the 2004 Detroit Pistons. The likelihood that it will happen again with super teams such as the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are pretty slim but as they say, that’s why you play the games.

Listen to the entire Williams interview below.

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