Indiana Pacers Danny Granger and Kyrylo Fesenko Almost End Up In Night Club Brawl

According to TMZ, some Indiana Pacers players almost brawled with clubgoers in Orlando early Thursday morning after their victory over the Magic to take a 2-1 playoff series lead just hours before. Apparently it all started when Kyrylo Fesenko bumped into a patron who then according to TMZ, “unleashed a flurry of verbal attacks at the NBA star.” Fesenko tried to walk away as the mob grew in numbers and the taunting continued. Danny Granger decided to stick up for him and charged the crowd but was held back by friends. Bicycle cops then showed up to restore order.

Sorry to laugh but I covered “Fess” when he used to play for the Utah Jazz and this story doesn’t surprise me one bit. I could see him in a club late at night (word around Salt Lake City was he visited them regularly), the fact he committed a “foul” by clumsily running into someone is pretty much what he does on the court and that much shorter drunk people would taunt him is again something that happens to him in those rare times he sees the floor. The bicycle cops are just icing on the cake! Video of the incident below:

WARNING: Strong language

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