BYU Coach Bronco Mendenhall's Cheap Shot at Jake Heaps was Unfair and Unwarranted

Interesting how one can change his tune in just two years. On Wednesday, Letter of Intent signing day, BYU’s Bronco Mendenhall was one of 120 FBS Division-I coaches bragging about their latest recruiting class. It really is amazing any school can lose a game or coaches can ever get fired when they bring in such great talent every year–but I regress. In Mendenhall’s case he called his 2012 class “the most qualified class to do it all.” But he didn’t stop there. When talking about signing Tanner Mangum, one of the most sought out high school quarterbacks in the country, Mendenhall clearly took a shot at Jake Heaps, the heralded QB from the class of 2010 who transferred after the season to Kansas:

“What a refreshing thing to have someone that highly recruited come in and be thankful to get an offer from BYU. Not entitled to get an offer from BYU, but thankful to get an offer from BYU.”

Interesting comment after saying nothing but positive things about Heaps before and after he left. Clearly Mendenhall forgot all the praise he had for the quarterback after he signed with BYU two years ago. In fact in this 2010 Deseret News article Mendenhall made no mention of Heaps being “entitled.” In fact it was the exact opposite. Mendenhall praised him for taking ownership of the program and gave him credit for convincing other recruits to join him at BYU:

“When you look at the recruiting class that we’re going to end up signing this year, a lot of it is because of (Heaps) and him going to work to surround himself with the best players and best kids possible.”

Here’s what the BYU recruiting coordinator at the time Paul Tidwell said about Heaps:

“Jake right now is still in the process of talking and calling kids, even in the 2011 class that he knows we’re interested in. He’s a special kid and he wants to surround himself with the best recruits he can. His role will continue to be huge here for the next four or five years, however long he’s here. I think he’ll be a great recruiter for us. It matters to him. He takes time to get to know recruits that we’re interested in and young men that are interested in BYU. He creates a relationship with him. That’s a special young man who takes the time to do that.”

If Heaps was “entitled” I think it’s pretty clear Mendenhall needs to shoulder most of the blame. He could have easily not recruited Heaps and found another quarterback that was more “thankful” to join the program. But I guess when that “entitled” player can assist you in recruiting what at the time was being heralded as the best class in BYU history–it’s ok. Apparently it’s only when he leaves the school two years later that being “entitled” was such a bad thing. Instead of taking a shot at Heaps, Mendenhall should just be “thankful” he helped him do his job that recruiting season. Maybe if he would have managed the situation better Heaps could have even helped him have a better 2012 class. I bet Mendenhall would have been “thankful” then as well.

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