Utah Jazz Crush the LA Clippers, Rename the Town Salt Lob City for a Night

The Utah Jazz just keep on winning. Tuesday night it was a 108-79 blowout of the LA Clippers. Paul Millsap continues to play like an All-Star and even C.J. Miles looked good. Of course Jazz fans crucified me on Twitter when I tweeted that I would have liked to see the Jazz play the Clippers at full strength, i.e. with Chris Paul on the floor. Of course fans quickly pointed out that the Jazz were without Josh Howard and Derrick Favors. No offense but those two combined don’t equal Paul. However, I’m not sure Paul would of helped the lethargic Clips who were playing game two of a back-to-back-to-back. The other day I said these aren’t Jerry Sloan’s Jazz anymore due to their athleticism. However they’re playing hard nosed team basketball that very much resembles a Sloan coached team. Give credit to Tyrone Corbin who clearly learned a few things studying under the hall of famer. Meanwhile enjoy the wins and the Salt Lob City video above.

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